Independent Group Is Closing

August 1, 2009

To our group members,

There have been some changes in Second Life lately that have affected Independent. Linden Lab has begun to implement a classification system to segregate “adult content”.
Upcoming Changes for Adult Content

This means graphically violent and sexual content will still be around but less visible. So SL has now become more like real life in that respect and we feel that the Independent group as it is now doesn’t reflect the direction SL is headed nor does it address the new problems that will arise in fighting sexual violence here.

In light of that, and since there are several other excellent SL groups that do address violence against women, we have decided to close Independent. Thank you all for being part of our group. We hope we have contributed some knowledge or inspiration to you and to SL through you. Our blog will remain up as an archive/resource.

Here are the names of similar groups in SL – we hope you will find one that interests you and we wish you well.

SL Left Unity Feminist Network
SL Project Hope
Stop Violence Against Women
White Ribbon

-Polly Paperclip and Rielyn Lane


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